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The Flash Volume 7 - Savage World TPB

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A Tale of Two Flashes!
Traveling from 20 years hence, a future version of Barry Allen has managed to seal a rupture in the Speed Force, the very preternatural force from which his powers flow. But though time and space are safe once again, there are unforeseen consequences to his actions. While Future Flash remains in the present day, his bewildered counterpart is pulled through the rift, becoming trapped in the Speed Force itself!
Assuming the life he had already lived, the future Barry sets out to fix the mistakes he made the first time around. Experiencing all those failures has changed him, however, twisting him into a Flash that's far more violent…and deadly! This Future Flash is guided by a warped view of justice, one that would see those who take a life repaid in kind.
The Flash's life is about to be completely upended as the all-star team of writers VAN JENSEN (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and ROBERT VENDITTI (GREEN LANTERN), and artist BRETT BOOTH (NIGHTWING) present THE FLASH VOL. 7: SAVAGE WORLD, collecting THE FLASH #36-40 and SECRET ORIGINS #7.