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Morbius The Living Vampire - Old Wounds

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Publisher's Synopsis

Morbius is the Living Vampire... but is he more? For years, Nobel Prize-winning biologist Dr. Michael Morbius has been struggling to find a cure for his unique case of vampirism. Now, for the first time in longer than he can remember, his salvation may be tantalisingly within reach! But the path to regaining his humanity is littered with dangers... and worse! In a leap of faith and desperation, Morbius takes matters into his own hands - but the results are monstrous, and now his lust for blood threatens to overwhelm him like never before! Old-school Marvel villain the Melter has resurfaced at just the wrong time - will he become the first in a long line of victims in Michael Morbius' bloody path? Collecting: Morbius (2019) 1-5