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Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Round 2 Figure Set

by Mezco
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Get ready to unleash the ultimate kaiju battle with the Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Round 2 Figure Set! This incredible set features four of the most iconic monsters from the Godzilla universe, each beautifully sculpted and painted to capture their unique personalities and powers.

The set includes Gorosaurus, Minilla, Baragon and King Ghidorah, each standing approximately 4.5 inches tall and featuring multiple points of articulation for dynamic posing and display. With their detailed sculpts and intricate paintwork, these figures are perfect for both collectors and fans of the classic movies.

Box includes:

  • Two Baragon head portraits
  • One pair of Baragon legs
  • Three King Ghidorah gravity beam FX
  • Two Minilla head portraits
  • Two pairs of Minilla arms
  • One Miniilla atomic smoke ring FX
  • Four display bases