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Kaico Line Doubler HDMI Adapter for N64

by Kaico
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This Nintendo Analogue HDMI converter by Kaico was designed so you could use your N64, GameCube or Snes on a Modern TV with a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.

This high-quality N64, GameCube and Super Nintendo analogue converter will provide you with a much clearer image than a standard AV cable. Compatible with all TVs with a HDMI input.

The cable does not need additional power and allows you to improve the picture quality by enabling ‘Line Doubling’ and adding Smoothing filters.

Compatible with European, Japanese, and North American region Nintendo consoles if they have an analogue display output on the back of the console.

Finally play all your Favourite Nintendo retro classics with a high quality yet cost-effective solution.

- Converts audio/video signal with zero transmission loss.
- The HDMI converter is compatible with the Nintendo N64, SNES / Super Famicom - GameCube from all regions providing they have a digital port.
- A simple, attractive, modern converter offering a true ‘plug and play’ solution
- Clear and sharp graphics and text.
- Kaico created a simple ‘plug and play’ solution to provide users easy access to use a HDMI input on a modern TV.