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One Piece Monopoly Game

by Hasbro
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Experience Dressrosa! The Straw Hat Crew splits up into three groups: one to take down the artificial Devil Fruit factory, one to escort Caeser, and one to secure the Thousand Sunny. In this special edition of One Piece Monopoly, players will encounter all their favorite characters from the anime and attempt to recruit allies like Koala and Soldier. Chest and Flag cards can offer rewards for victories against villains and unpredictable surprises. Buy, sell, and trade with fellow fans to assemble a formidable One Piece team and emerge victorious in this classic family board game.

Key Features: The world-renowned board game presents One Piece Monopoly, featuring unique character tokens and beloved characters from the anime. Move ahead to Bellamy, Violet, or Luffy - will you pay rent or collect profits? Develop houses and hotels and strategically trade your way to success. This fast-paced property trading game is perfect for the whole family.