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Monster Hunter Rise Switch

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Set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, MONSTER HUNTER RISE SWITCH invites you to explore lush ecosystems and battle fearsome monsters to become the ultimate hunter.


Set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, MONSTER HUNTER RISE SWITCH invites you to explore lush ecosystems and battle fearsome monsters to become the ultimate hunter.

Set half a century following the devastation of the last calamity, hunters must face a new and terrifying monster who has reared its head and threatens to plunge the land into chaos once again.

Multiplayer Hunting Options

Play solo, or join up to three other hunters in local or online co-op play. The Nintendo Switch system also allows for hunting anywhere, anytime and with anyone!

The facilities in Kamura Village can be used by up to 4 hunters simultaneously during a multiplayer session. You can talk and have fun with other hunters while still in the village!

Rise to New Heights

The debut of the new “Wirebug” mechanic allows for wire-based grappling actions that can be used to scale cliffs and other hard-to-reach areas, providing new traversal and aerial attack options.

  • Wiredash - A quick forward dash that even lets you move through the air. It's not just a great way of reaching your objective, but it can be chained into attacks and aerial dodges as well, so it's very helpful during hunts.

  • Wall Run - This can be performed by executing a Wiredash towards a wall. You'll keep climbing even the steepest of slopes until your stamina is depleted.

  • Wirefall - An evasive move that can be used when you're pushed over or knocked back. It allows you to regain your footing quickly, so that you can avoid follow-up attacks from monsters.

  • Silkbind Attack -  A special attack using the Wirebug. All 14 weapons have their own unique Silkbind attacks. It can be performed with your weapon drawn, making utmost use of the characteristics of each weapon.

Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise Switch lets you wreak havoc by controlling monsters! Wyvern Riding is a new feature that lets you bind monsters so you can control them. Normally, monsters are your biggest enemy, but you can turn them into your greatest ally if you're smart!

Get monsters into a "mountable state" by attacking them enough with Wirebug attacks, letting them fight each other, or using certain Endemic Life. Approach a monster in this state and land a blow, or sheathe your weapon and press the corresponding button to start Wyvern Riding.

If you manage to control the monster properly, you'll be able to perform special attacks and dodges.

New and Returning Monsters

The game will introduce Magnamalo, a menacing new flagship monster, as well as other new monsters like the shape-shifting Aknosom, the amphibious Tetranadon, and more. Hunters can also expect to encounter numerous fan-favourite and returning species from previous Monster Hunter games.

Canine Companions

New hunting partners called Palamutes can be personalised and used to ride across the terrain, providing players with all-new traveling and attack options. On solo hunts, players can select both a Palamute and Palico to assist them, while multiplayer hunters can bring one or the other into the field.

The Rampage

In addition to the plethora of solo and multiplayer quests, the immersive story mode will task aspiring hunters with discovering the secrets behind the puzzling “Rampage” events that threaten Kamura Village.

The Rampage is a catastrophic event where countless monsters attack the village all at once.
People have lived in fear of it since ancient times, but nobody knows why it occurs. Kamura has fallen victim to this phenomenon numerous times as well, and especially the Rampage that happened 50 years ago came close to wiping out the entire village.

The villagers are training day in day out to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring, and they have built a sturdy Stronghold to prepare for the next invasion.

Seamless Gameplay

Featuring maps with no loading times, the continuous gameplay ensures that players will remain on their quests as soon as the hunt begins, without transitions between areas.