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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom: HGCE Rising Freedom Gundam

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Introducing the Rising Freedom Gundam, now available as a HG model kit from Bandai! Equipped with the "Seed Action System", it features an internal structure designed for impressive and dynamic poses. With the ability to transform into its Mobile Armor form by replacing some parts, this kit also includes a new shield with a combination of offense and defense, as well as clear parts for added detail. The beam shield utilizes polarized molding to create a stunning color-changing effect.

Additionally, the two beam sabers can be connected and the kit features a powerful Hi-Mat Full Burst gimmick. Thanks to a unique sliding mechanism in the hip joints, the legs can move with greater range, allowing for bold and dynamic poses. With its molded colors, this kit can be assembled without the need for paint, making it a perfect addition to any collection. 

 [Includes]: Beam rifle, beam saber (x2), shield, beam shield, effect parts