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Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War

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Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War

Those Who Worship Evil's Might, the Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War.

The Green Lantern Corps was formed to maintain order in the universe. Only the most strong-willed and fearless beings in the universe could wield their power ring - able to create whatever the wearer could imagine.

Once one of the honoured members, Sinestro of Koruger fell to the corrupting influence of the ring's nearly limitless power and was banished from the known universe for his crimes.

Now, together with some of the most powerful villains from across the cosmos - the Anti-Monitor, a being who once destroyed the Multiverse; Parallax, a malevolent force that once decimated the Green Lantern Corps; Superman-Prime, the young Kal-El turned mad killer from a doomed dimension; and the Cyborg-Superman, a savage being bent on destroying all around him - Sinestro builds a new Corps.

Their mission: Rid the cosmos of the Green Lanterns and establish a new universal order in the galaxy - under the merciless shadow of the Sinestro Corps.


  • DC Comics

  • Trade Paperback.

  • New.

  • On Sale Date: Jan 1st 2004

Further info available on DC Wikia Warning - may contain spoilers!