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Gotham City Sirens: Songs of the Sirens (Hardback)

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Gotham City Sirens Songs of the Sirens (Hardback)

Poison Ivy is framed for a series of murders on serial arsonists in Robinson Park. After investigating the murders herself, Poison Ivy is kidnapped by a renegade police officer. He believes her to be the murderer, and left in a hole to die without food, water or sunlight. Catwoman and Harley Quinn work together to save Poison Ivy. Together with James Gordon's help they find a corrupt cop and the real murderer. When they find Poison Ivy's hidden and shrivelled up body without a pulse, Catwoman saves her by tossing her into water.  With Poison Ivy revived, the Sirens find the real murderer and kill him themselves.

When Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn discover a body literally dropped into their lap and previously planted with evidence that it was the Sirens that killed her. Together, the girls enlist the help of the Riddler once again to find the real person trying to frame them, who is actually Doctor Aesop, wanting to take back Catwoman's hideout as his own. Around the same time, wanting to establish herself as something other than a villain, Poison Ivy takes a job at the Gotham City branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, under an assumed identity "Paula Irving" due to her criminal history.

She is soon discovered by one of the scientists who she had fired on her first day, but rather than killing them Ivy instead renews their contract, impressed with the worker intelligence and deductive skills. Also, Harley Quinn and Catwoman discover Harley's pet hyenas have been escaping at night and hunting and eating local dogs, prompting Catwoman to tell Harley to give the hyenas away to a zoo, which Harley is against.

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