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God Is Dead Vol 8

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God Is Dead Vol 8 - The world of God Is Dead has explored incredible miseries at the whims of the returned gods of legend.  Jonathan Hickman's universe of divine materialization has captivated readers and Mike Costa has turned that flicking light into a raging bonfire.  The god-weary world has come to the final chapter in this original mythological mash-up.  Now as the Trickster gods unleash the power of the god-killers, the fate of both divine and mortal have come to the end of the line.  Join us as the last chapter of God Is Dead unwinds and the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  The end is nigh!  This volume collects issues #43 - 48 of the God is Dead series.

by Mike Costa (Author)

Format:Paperback / softback 160 pages

Publisher:Avatar Press

Imprint:Avatar Press


Published: 5 Jul 2016