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Eaglemoss Hero Collector UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship XL Edition

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UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship XL Edition

Bigger and better, the UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship XL Edition is the third iconic vessel to join the Alien and Predator XL Ship Collection.

An utility ship that has seen many dark days, the UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship is the signature tactical transport of the United States Colonial Marines, a space-capable gunship designed to quickly deploy troops from orbit. Stationed aboard a larger spacecraft, the UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship can rapidly relay troops, supplies, and heavy equipment – up to and including an armored personnel carrier – to any point on the planetary surface, with VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) allowing it to handle even rough terrain.

The UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship saw use in the doomed expedition to LV-426, ferrying Ripley, Burke, and a squad of Marines down to the ill-fated colony. UD-4 Cheyenne Dropships were ultimately Ripley's lifeline off the infested planet, but they also proved worryingly susceptible to infiltration as the Xenomorph Queen stowed away on the landing gear.

Product features:

• Ship in XL edition
• Produced in a combination of Die-cast and high-quality ABS Plastic
• 25.8cm long
• 12.2 cm wide