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Chocobo GP - Nintendo Switch

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Start your engines and prepare for a new racing experience full of magic and mayhem in Chocobo GP! Play as some of your favourite characters from throughout the Final Fantasy and Chocobo series, using unique abilities and powerful spells to take out the competition in both online and local multiplayer!

Chocobo and friends are off on a quest to enter a new racing tournament with an unbelievable prize: a single wish for anything their heart desires! You’ll meet many interesting characters and fellow competitors along the way, all vying for victory. Unlock new playable characters and exciting new courses as the story unfolds, and complete extra objectives to earn even more goodies!

Drift your way around a host of racetracks, inspired by locales from across the Chocobo and Final Fantasy series such as Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer and Alexandria from Final Fantasy IX. By collecting Magicite during the race, you’ll be able to unleash powerful spells to flummox your opponents. Toast ‘em with fireballs, stop them in their tracks with a whirlwind, or leave a trail of watery hazards in your wake. Stacking the same Magicite will make your spells even more potent, so use them strategically to come out on top!