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Batman: War Games Act 3 - Endgame

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Batman War Games Act 3 Endgame

In Batman War Games Act 3 Endgame, Black Mask has made Batman's training scenario, a chilling reality. The various crime families are leaderless... the soldiers running for their lives whilst trying to grab a piece of the underworld pie for themselves.

Batman and his allies have failed to contain the chaos threatening Gotham City's citizenry. The media have exploited the situation so people think Batman is acting against their best interests. Wore, he has lost the trust and support of Police Commissioner Akins, just when he needs it most.

Before the day is over, a friend will and ally will be dead, family ties will be broken, and the balance of power in the city will be forever altered.

Written and drawn by a cadre of the best and brightest talents in comics today collaborate to end one of 2004's most talked about events.


  • DC Comics

  • Collects issues: Robin (Volume 4) #131, Batman: Gotham Knights #58, Batgirl #57, Catwoman (Volume 3) #36, Batman #633

  • Graphic Novel

  • New

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