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Batman - Under The Hood Volume 2

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Batman Under The Hood Vol 2

Back From The Dead And Ready For Revenge in Batman Under The Hood Vol 2

The Red Hood has been unmasked, and revealed as former Robin Jason Todd. As Batman starts to desperately search for clues as to how his one-time partner can be alive, the Hood is busy tearing apart Gotham's underworld and planning revenge on the man who killed him, the Joker! Will the Caped Crusader and his bygone Boy Wonder put aside their differences long enough to fend off the assembly of antagonists that want them both dead? Will Batman allow Jason final retribution against his erstwhile killer? These questions are answered here along with the secret of Jason's resurrection and his motivations for becoming the Red Hood.

Written by Judd Winick (Outsiders, Green Arrow, Pedro & Me) Batman Under The Hood Vol 2 continues the best-selling and controversial storyline from Batman #645-650 plus the immediately sold-out Batman  Annual #25 and showcases the art of Doung Mahnke and Tom Nguyen (JLA, Adventures of Superman), Shane Davis & Eric Battle as well as cover artist Jock.



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