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Batman: The Man Who Laughs (Hardback)

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Batman The Man Who Laughs (Hardback)

In Batman The Man Who Laughs, Captain James "Jim" Gordon and other officers are investigating a building filled with mutilated corpses. Batman enters and converses with Gordon. Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, is at a social event talking to fellow millionaire Henry Claridge. On a TV in the next room, a reporter is overheard announcing that Arkham Asylum is being reopened. She suddenly begins laughing and soon dies with a face similar to the mutilated corpses at the building. Joker (not yet given the name) walks onto camera and announces he will kill Claridge at midnight.

Bruce leaves the party and meets up with Gordon as Batman at Arkham Asylum. On a cell wall, Joker wrote "One by One, they'll hear my call. Then this wicked town, will follow my fall." Gordon then has police stationed in Claridge's house to protect him. Claridge begins laughing as his face turns pale white. Batman crashes down through a window, but is too late to save Claridge. Meanwhile on the streets of Gotham, the Joker enters the Williams Medical Center. After killing the security guards, he arms the inmates and releases them on the streets. Batman arrives and stops several inmates, and reveals his existence to the people on the streets.

Synopsis by DC Wikia


  • DC Comics