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Batman: Secrets of the Batcave

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Batman Secrets of the Batcave

In Batman Secrets of the Batcave - Located under Bruce Wayne's Mansion, The Batcave has served as Batman's base of operations since the beginning of his career. Originally just a storage area, over the years the hidden cavern has evolved. From a crime lab, armoury, training grounds as well as a museum. Very few know its hidden location and even fewer are invited to enter. Now, some of the most significant stories to come out of the secret sanctuary as well as the tales behind the Dark Knight's most prized trophies, are revealed in this collection of tales. Tales that span from the Golden Age all the way to present.

This issue:

The paperback also collects images of the Batcave through the ages. It has pictures of the Batcave in the 40's from Batman #48 (August, 1948) by Jim Mooney, the Batcave in the 50's from Detective Comics #205 (March, 1954) by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris, the Batcave in the 60's from Batman #203 (August, 1968) by Frank Springer, the Batcave in the 70's from Limited Collectors' Edition C-44 (June, 1976) by Terry Austin, the Batcave in the 80's from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #2 (April, 1985) by Howard Bender and Gary Martin, the Batcave in the 90's from Who's Who in the DC Universe #13 (October, 1991) by Mark Waid and Norm Breyfogle and the Batcave in the present from Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight (2005) by Tom Grindberg and Stan Woch.

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  • DC Comics

  • Collects Issues - Batman #12, Batman #35, Batman #48, Batman #108, Batman #348, Bizarro Comics, Brave and the Bold #182, Detective Comics #158, Detective Comics #168, Detective Comics #186, Detective Comics #205, Detective Comics #223, Detective Comics #235, Detective Comics #244, Secret Origins of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes, World's Finest #30

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