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Batman: Joker's Asylum Volume 2

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Batman Jokers Asylum Volume 2

Batman Jokers Asylum Volume 2. Filled with darkness, violence and, most notably, complete and utter madness, Arkham Asylum is an institution overrun by its inmates. So who better to act as your guide than its most infamous and least sane patron.

Join the Clown Price of Crime as he relates five more tales of villainy, destruction and lunacy, all told from his comfortable accommodations at Arkham Asylum.

In Batman Jokers Asylum volume 2, each tale is narrated by The Joker and allows readers an insight into the insane lives of Batman's greatest adversaries. This second collection of tense tales spotlights The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Clayface and Killer Croc. Can you stand the madness?

This book is a must for fans of the Dark Knight. Or any of his insane foes.


  • DC Comics

  • Graphic Novel

  • New

  • On sale date - Jan 2011