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Batman: Hush Vol. 2

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Batman Hush Vol 2

Batman Hush Vol 2 is the twelve part 12-part story created by comic Scott Williams, Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee that spent a year at the top of the charts. Now the second half of that story is collected for the first time as a trade paperback in Batman Hush Vol 2. Containing the conclusion of Hush where his true identity is finally revealed and featuring the Dark Knight's encounter with the Joker, the entrance of the new Batmobile and Catwoman, Lady Shiva and Talia get their claws out. Also included is a 6-page story from Wizard #0.


  • DC Comics

  • Graphic Novel

  • New

  • BATMAN #613-619.

Also Available: Batman: Hush Vol 1.

Further Information available at DC Wikia