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Batman: Hush Returns

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Batman Hush Returns

Hush is Back and he is Not alone. In Batman Hush Returns witness the return of Batman's deadliest new enemy in this volume collecting BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #50-55 and #66! Hush's unexpected reappearance raises more questions about his true identity, origins and motivations. But who is Hush? He's not the childhood friend Batman thought he was. What does he want? He wants Batman dead, for reasons of his own. Why is Hush is Star City? He seeks to hire the deadly mercenary known as Prometheus, but first must contend with Green Arrow. And What about the Joker?

All these questions will be answered in this amazing trade-paperback by A.J. Lieberman, AL Barrionuevo and Javier Pina.


  • DC Comics

  • Graphic Novel

  • New

  • BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #50-55 and #66

Also Available: Batman: Hush Vol 1. & Batman: Hush Vol 2

Further Information available at DC Wikia