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Batman - Hong Kong

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Batman Hong Kong

In Batman Hong Kong murder is nothing new for Batman. But how does he stop a killer that seems to kill from across the seas?

A computer hacker stumbles onto a private web broadcast of a snuff film. Haunted by the images of the gruesome murder, he seeks from Gotham's Finest but is turned away when he's unable to prove that the broadcast wasn't and elaborate hoax, only to become the next victim.

The case takes a bizarre twist when Batman discovers that similar murders are also occurring in Hong Kong. The Dark Knight travels there only to question whether his method are effective in this strange land.

Batman's prayers are answered when a new ally, known as Knight Dragon, emerges in China. Inspired by Batman, Night Dragon teams up with the Dark Knight to unravel a mystery entwined in secrecy, hatred, honour and betrayal...

In a country with different laws, customs and rules of combat - can even Batman bring this murderer to justice?

Drawn by international Manga artist Tony Wong and written by comic master Doug Moench, Batman Hong Kong will blindside readers with a Dark Knight reimagined by Hong Kong's mastermind.



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