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Batman: Bruce Wayne Murderer?

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Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer?

After being found with the dead body of Vesper Fairchild in his arms, Bruce Wayne is arrested for her murder. Looking to prove Bruce's innocence, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl quickly begin an investigation to discover the true killer. But as the mystery unfolds, evidence of Bruce's guilt mounts and even his closest allies begin to question their mentor's innocence. Tired of portraying himself as someone he is not and further embracing the freedom of his masked identity, Bruce decides to lay his millionaire playboy alter ego to rest and live life only as the Batman.

In "Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure #1," Bruce Wayne and his then bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux find a dead Vesper Fairchild in Wayne Manor, right before the GCPD burst in on an anonymous tip. The two are incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary, leaving the rest of the Batman Family to investigate the crime. Oracle finds that even the identity of Batman is an insufficient alibi for Bruce, and the evidence suggests that he finally snapped and killed Vesper to prevent her from revealing his identity to the world, then did a near perfect job of getting rid of the evidence. Finally fed up, Bruce escapes from Blackgate and announces his intention to end the identity of Bruce Wayne, and exist only as Batman.



  • DC Comics

  • Trade Paperback

Collects Issues:

  • Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure #1

  • Batgirl #24

  • Batman #599

  • Gotham Knights #25

  • Gotham Knights #26

  • Birds of Prey #39

  • Birds of Prey #40

  • Detective Comics #766

  • Detective Comics #767

  • Nightwing #65

  • Nightwing #66

  • Robin #98

  • Robin #99

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