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Batgirl Vol 2 - A Knight Alone

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Batgirl A Knight Alone

This paperback collects the Batgirl A Knight Alone storyline. It was published as the second paperback of the comic book series Batgirl. Originally this storyline was published from October, 2000 to May, 2001. The storyline was written by Kelley Puckett. The illustrations are by Damion Scott and Coy Turnbull.

In this storyline Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) is stripped of her ability to sense an opponent's next move. She continues her quest to regain her former battle prowess and more importantly, her confidence. But as Batgirl struggles to recapture her fighting capabilities, the deadly Lady Shiva returns to Gotham City with her usual agenda of finding a worthy foe and challenging them to a deathmatch. Now in her weakest state, Batgirl must face her toughest rival with her life as the price of failure. And even if she is lucky enough to escape her encounter with the lethal Lady Shiva, she also must be able to stay out of the grasp of the government agency that has targeted her to become one of their own.



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