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Amazing Spider-man: Beyond Vol. 2

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Publisher's Synopsis

Amazing creators unite for a brand new era of Spidey! Ben Reilly - the clone of Spider-Man - is back! He's been through hell, but now with the support of a major corporation, Ben is thwipping once again and being the best Spider-Man he can be. And what does Peter think? Well, he's just been through the Sinister War and he's exhausted! But even if Peter is against Ben's return to the limelight, does he have a choice? The webs that are about to be woven will take you to places you've never been... pit our spectacular heroes against classic villains reloaded, as well as brand-new foes... and make you rethink the whole concept of Spider-Man! But what will all this change and upheaval mean for Mary Jane, the Black Cat, Aunt May - and all of New York City?! Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man (2018) 81-85, TBD