Walking Dead Building Set – The Governors Room


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Walking Dead Building Set – The Governors Room

The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury, The Governor appears stern, but just. But beneath his well-meaning façade is a man with dark intentions and even darker secrets. Disillusioned by the apocalypse, The Governor refuses to let go of his turned daughter, Penny. To hide his darkest secret The Governor escapes to a concealed lair, where he relishes in the death and destruction of this dismal new world. The Governor’s Room set includes hardwood floors with two walls, light up base to illuminate the nine fish tanks encasing walker heads, cage, leather chair, end table with lamp, two woven baskets, bucket of body parts, The Governor and Penny. The set, in total, is 292 pieces.

The Walking Dead Building Set – The Governors Room is the perfect addition to the, Prison Tower Gate and Daryl Dixon on his Chopper sets as well as the Figure Pack!


  • Pre Painted Construction Set
  • Scale: 2-inch
  • Format: building set
  • Packaging: boxed






Governor’s Room Construction Set Time Lapse Build from McFarlane Toys from McFarlane Toys on Vimeo.


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