The Question Vol 2: Poisoned Ground


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The Question Vol 2 Poisoned Ground

The Question Vol 2 Poisoned Ground. The Halloween celebration ‘Poisoned Ground’ closes this volume as a contaminated housing project provides a backdrop for another killing spree for Baby Gun, the mentally impaired gunman who killed Sage in The Question: Zen and Violence.

These are tales that probe the very mature of the struggle between Good and Evil. They use Eastern philosophy and very human prowess to challenge, crime corruption, abuse, neglect and complacency.

Combating Western dystopia with Eastern Thought and martial arts action is not a new concept. The author’s spotlight on cultural problems rather than super-heroics make this series O’Neil’s most philosophical work, and Cowan’s raw, edgy art imbues this darkly adult, powerfully sophisticated thriller with a maturity that is simply breathtaking.

The Question’s direct sales series was one of DC’s best efforts from a hugely creative period. It’s up to you to make it the popular hit it always should have been via these superb trade paperback collections, available at last due to the hero’s major role in the weekly comic maxi-series 52.


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