Star Wars Mythos Action Figure Boba Fett


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Star Wars Mythos Action Figure Boba Fett

From master figure manufacturers comes this new collection Sideshow’s Mythos series. These are fine art collectibles that ask what if? Alternative designs to some famous characters and hardly any are more famous than the Mythos Action Figure Boba Fett.

This stunning Boba Fett 1/6 Scale Figure features uniquely sculpted Mandalorian armor, including his iconic helmet with an articulating rangefinder. It also features a flight suit and vest with body plate armour, knee pads, and his wrist gauntlets. The whole figure features the fantastic weathering effects that the Mythos range are renowned for. This unique Boba Fett’s costume also includes a worn fabric poncho, kama skirt with utility pouches, ankle spats, and several belts with side and waist pouches. On top of this are trophies from various conquests, attached to his belt are 3 lightsaber hilts taking from unfortunate victims and ┬áthree shoulder-mounted synthetic-hair Wookiee braids.

The accessories don’t stop there on this stunning figure as the The Mythos Action Figure Boba Fett also features a removable Z-6 jetpack with articulating rocket boosters, a┬áknife with an ankle-mounted sheath and four multi-purpose shin tools. But of course a bounty hunter is nothing without their weaponry and Boba Fett is armed to the teeth. His arsenal features EE-3 carbine and BlasTech DLT-19 heavy blaster rifles, a concussion grenade launcher and a Sacros K-11 blaster.

The figure comes with no less than eight interchangeable hands, a pair of fists, a pair of neutral hands, a pair of grip hands, a right trigger hand, and a left rifle support hand. Sideshow continue with the top of the range figure sets and if you collect Star Wars figures and this isn’t on your list then what are you waiting for?



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