Star Wars Millennium Falcon RC Drone


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Star Wars Millennium Falcon RC Drone

Now in stock, we have these amazing Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon RC Drone Quadrocopters. From a Galaxy Far Far Away we bring you the ultimate Star Wars fans dream. Fly the Millennium Falcon! The drone features 4 propellers for excellent stable flight and manoeuvrability and a falcon shaped control unit. The ship itself is fully rechargeable when plugged into the controller.

The Quadcopter craze is really taking off, *cough* and what better one to have than one in the shape of the most famous spaceship of all time.

Featuring a ‘stunt switch’ the Millennium Falcon RC Drone can perform a flip in mid-air.

We have a very limited stock of these so grab yours today and at an amazing price too!!


  • Star Wars
  • RC Drone
  • Stunt Switch
  • Batteries Required


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