Star Trek Original Series Communicator


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Star Trek Original Series Communicator

“Kirk to Enterprise.” Yes you too can step into the role of Star Fleets most famous Captain with the Star Trek Original Series Communicator. To be Kirk you must be ready for all eventualities. One, that anyone in your away-team with a red shirt will not be coming back. Two, have plenty of spare uniforms on hand as yours will be torn. Three, be prepared to snog every alien woman you encounter. Four always keep you communicator close at hand so that you can beam up in a split second.

This classic Communicator is fantastic and has sound effects fro the series as well as voice samples from the show. No Star Fleet unifrom is complete without it.

Star Trek Original Series Communicator

  • Full-size replica with lights and sounds straight from the TV show.
  • Official Star Trek Product
  • Moving moire pattern.
  • Awesome “Hailing Function” – press a button, close the grill, and 5 seconds later the Enterprise will be calling.
  • Over 20 sound effects and phrases, including “Spock here, Captain.”“Scotty here, Captain.”“Transporter room ready to beam up.” – and more!
  • Dimensions: approx. 4″ x 2.5″ (when closed)


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