Robin The Big Leagues

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Robin The Big Leagues

Robin The Big Leagues is a Robin storyline written by Adam Beechenand illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II. It’s Beechen’s final volume in his Robin run, following his second arc Teenage Wasteland. This is followed by Peter Milligan‘s two-part crossover to The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul and Chuck Dixon‘s return in theViolent Tendencies storyline.

Tim Drake plans to spend Father’s Day with Batman since his adoption, buying an expensive watch. On the way home to prepare dinner he gets into a huge fight with the Jury, who make him hopelessly late. The watch breaks, but Bruce is grateful for the gesture anyway.[1]

Dodge returns to take revenge on Robin, using funding from a crimelord named Baptiste. He assembles a crew with the super-villains Cheater, Macro, Micro, Skill, Tapeworm and Baptiste’s henchman Brutus. They take over a hospital with a force field, demanding the police give them Robin.

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