Nightwing – Mobbed Up


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Nightwing Mobbed Up

In Nightwing Mobbed Up Dick Grayson has been Batman‘s right hand, the founder of the Teen Titans and one of Blüdhaven’s most fearless cops. Cut off from those allegiances, he finds himself  adrift and venturing into dangerous territory.

Injured and dejected, he decides to to turn his misery into an advantage and a new purpose. Dick Grayson arranges to be adopted into one of New York’s crime families. In doing so he begins a new odyssey, one that sweeps him into the depths of the criminal underworld.

Try as he may, however, he can’t put his crime-fighting alter ego behind him forever…

Dick Grayson returns as Nightwing but which side is he on?

This thrilling new chapter of Nightwing’s career comes from writer Devin Grayson (Batman: Gotham Knights) and Green Arrow artists Phil Hester & Ande Parks and Cliff Chiong (Human Target).


  • Collects Issues #107-#111
  • DC Comics
  • Trade Paperback.
  • New.
  • On Sale Date: January 1, 2006




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