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Necromunda is back! The much loved game returns. This is a 2 player boxed game where two rival gangs battle for power and territory.

Inside the box set you receive two 10 model gangs (the Eschers and the Goliaths), 9 double sided tiles to represent the tunnels under Hive Secundus, plastic barricades and doors, stat and tactics cards, Dice, tokens and templates and the core rulebook. This is a fast paced Skirmish game with plenty of different ways to equip and arm your warband. Also up for pre order this weekend is : Additional Escher and Goliath warbands (these are the same as the ones found in Necromunda box set) Gang themed dice featuring the relevant gang logos on the D6. Gang Tactics Cards (featuring Gang Specific Tactics PLUS Generic cards for use by any warband) Gang War rulebook – fans of the Necromunda of old will be sure to pick this up – this book covers additional rules for Gang Progression and Campaign rules.




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