Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2

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Get the edge with the fully-customisable, REVOLUTION PRO CONTROLLER 2, combining eSports features and controls to enhance and adapt to every style of competitive play. Take your gaming performance to the next level, elevate your skill and maximize your potential with the technologically advanced controller, built for PS4TM and tested by true eSports players. Customize your setup for total control in every game, and take on the toughest opponents with stunning accuracy and precision.
Be the best you can be with the incredibly accurate and highly advanced, REVOLUTION PRO CONTROLLER 2.


  • Dual customizable* sticks with 46 degree amplitude
  • 3m USB Type-C braided cable, detachable for easy storage**
  • Dual analogue triggers
  • Dual shoulder buttons
  • 4* or 8-way directional pad – great for fighting games!
  • buttons
  • PS / SHARE / OPTIONS buttons
  • 4x shortcut buttons – manually make adjustments on the fly
  • LED player status indicator
  • Touch pad
  • 3.5mm headset jack (Headset not included)
  • 2x customizable* vibration motors
  • Internal weight compartment with six additional weights for tailored balance and feel (2x 10g, 2x 14g, 2x 17g)


01. PS4 Pro Control Mode (blue halo)

  • Plug & Play functionality with integrated DUALSHOCK®4 controls***
  • Customise the 4x shortcut buttons without the need for the Companion App • Enhanced dual stick control with 46° amplitude

02. PS4TM Advanced Mode (red halo)

  • Instantly switch between 4x pre-loaded custom profiles to suit a range of games
  • Modify or replace those profiles with 4x of your own (via the upgraded PC/ Mac companion app*
  • Adjust the response curve of each stick
  • Adjust each trigger’s sensitivity and dead-band
  • Customize the vibration intensity on the left and right hand grips • Change the halo light for a custom look

03. PC Advanced Mode**** (purple halo)

  • Fully PC compatible (XInput)
  • Customise the controller across 4 profiles using the Companion App

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 14 cm


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