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Marvel Select Deadpool

From the excellent Diamond Select range comes this awesome Marvel Select Deadpool figure. Featuring everyone’s favourite loud-mouthed, smart-aleck, super-assassin/mercenary, our Marvel Select line expands to include one of the most irreverent characters in comic history – Deadpool!  This seven-inch portrayal of the infamous “Merc With a Mouth” depicts Deadpool in his most iconic costume and includes 16 points of articulation.  Also included is a deluxe base depicting a damaged wall and street – perfect for on-shelf display!

Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez Deadpoll a.k.a. Wade Wilson is the infamous “Merc With a Mouth”. His career as a mercenary began while still in his late teens, when he became a test subject for Department K’s branch of the joint U.S./Canadian superhuman enhancement project, better known as the “Weapon X” program. Horribly scarred and slightly insane due the super-soldier process. A process that bestowed him with an accelerated healing factor, Deadpool has become one of the Marvel Universe’s favourite characters.

The Deadpool movie is due in Feb 2016, check out the trailer here!


  • Marvel
  • Ages 3+
  • Window Packaging


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