Green Lantern Secret Origin HC


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Green Lantern Secret Origin HC

In Green Lantern Secret Origin Before he became the greatest Green Lantern, al Jordan of Earth was just a washed-up test pilot with no way to fly… until the dying alien Abin Sur granted Hal his power ring. Now, armed with the most powerful weapon in the universe, Hal Jordan enters into a reality he never could have imagined.

The critically acclaimed, best-selling team behind Balckest Night, writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis, introduce you to the breathtaking world of Green Lantern – from the home planet of Oa to the dark secrets of the Guardians of the Galaxy to Hal’s mentor, the Green Lantern Sinestro – in this origin story.

This new edition features an introduction by Green Lantern movie star Ryan Reynolds and a behind-the-scenes look at Green Lantern the movie.

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  • DC Comics
  • Trade Paperback.
  • New.
  • On Sale Date: April 12th 2011

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