Gotham Central: Quick And The Dead

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Gotham Central Quick And The Dead

Gotham Central Quick and the Dead contains three stories from the Gotham Central comic book series: Corrigan, Lights Out, and Unresolved. All three stories were written by Greg Rucka.

The first story, Corrigan, was illustrated by Michael Lark and originally published in November and December, 2004. In this story Crispus Allen’s job is threatened after the corrupt Jim Corrigan removes evidence from a scene.

Lights Out is the second story. It was also illustrated by Michael Lark and originally published in January, 2005. At orders of Michael Akins, the Bat-Signal is removed from Gotham Central after the events of War Games. This which leads the Major Crimes Unit to further distrust Batman.

This third and last story is Unresolved. This story was illustrated by Stefano Gaudiano and was originally published from April to July, 2005. Detective Renee Montoya investigates the disappearance of important evidence amid a gang war and travels to Keystone City in an attempt to unveil the truth about Officer Andrew Kelly’s strange mutation.


  • DC Comics
  • Trade Paperback
  • Vol 4 of Gotham Central

Information taken from DCWikia.Com


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