Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Pop Vinyl Figure

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Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Pop Vinyl Figure

Ghostbusters Egon Spengler Pop Vinyl Figure. Egon Spengler is the tall, laconic, bespectacled, awkward member of the Ghostbusters team. Being addicted to science, he is the creator of the Ghostbusters’ equipment along with Raymond Stantz, thus making him the brains of the Ghostbusters. Although book smart, Spengler does not have much social ability, as demonstrated by his stiff interactions with the Ghostbusters’ secretary Janine Melnitz, and his reliance on Peter Venkman as spokesperson for the group.

Spengler is the most serious and rigid member of the team. Of his hobbies, Spengler states that he collects “spores, molds, and fungus”, and claims that, as a child, the only toy he ever had was “part of a Slinky”, which he straightened out.

Now Funko have done their thing and made the character into this fantasticGhostbusters Egon Spengler Pop Vinyl Figure. Check out our other fantastic Ghostbusters Pop vinyl figures. This official Funko figure is a collectable piece, measuring 3.3/4 inches and is presented in a widow box packaging.




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