Birds of Prey: Death Of Oracle


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Birds of Prey Death of Oracle

Birds of Prey The Death of Oracle marks the beginning of the end of the DC Universe as we know it. If memory isn’t failing me, this is the first book reviewed here that presents the final issues of a title before the Flashpoint/DC New 52 relaunch (a variety of cancellations notwithstanding). There’s still a ways to go before we reach the New 52, with the final collections of certain pre-Flashpoint titles arriving even as late as May of next year, but this Birds of Prey trade marks the beginning of the old DC Universe putting the chairs up on the table and turning out the lights.

In terms of story, Death of Oracle does not necessarily provide the closure one might expect from the series last book. Rather, Death of Oracle is about new beginnings, more like the first book instead of the last, and maybe that’s fitting. There’s also a heavy dose of self-fulfilment here, with a couple of unexpected mash-ups of Birds writer Gail Simone’s various titles, and even guest-writer Marc Andreyko penning the Manhunter character again. In this way, what defines the final volume of Birds of Prey is what also defines much of the series — it’s just plain fun — and that’s not a bad note to go out on after all.


  • DC Comics
  • Trade Paperback

Excerpt taken from Collected Editions



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