Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats

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Birds of Prey Platinum Flats

In Birds of Prey Platinum Flats, after an attack by the Joker left former Batgirl Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair, she took on the mantle of Oracle, the premiere (sic) computer hacker in the DCU. Now, she kicks tail as the leader of a covert ops team populated by the world’s top heroines, including the Huntress and Lady Blackhawk.

The all-female team hits the road and find a new home in a place called Platinum Flats. But the move brings them into direct conflict with former teammate Black Canary! Then the past comes back to haunt Oracle as Joker makes a deadly move against her squad. Can she find the courage she needs to face the madman?


  • DC Comics
  • New
  • Trade Paperback

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