Birds of Prey Old Friends New Enemies

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Birds of Prey Old Friends New Enemies

The breathtaking book Birds of Prey Old Friends New Enemies features the female dynamic trio of Oracle, the Black Canary and Batgirl. After being paralyzed by the Joker, former Batgirl Barbara Gordon became Oracle, an information and cyberspace specialist and began a crime fighting union with Black Canary. Two women with different personalities and beliefs, their relationship has always been tumultuous but effective. This volume includes some of their earliest adventures as well as a rebirth for them as they are joined by the new Batgirl in their vigilante mission.

This book reprints the following issues:

Birds of Prey #’s 1-6, Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Batgirl #1, Birds of Prey: Wolves #1

Info Supplied by Comic Vine

Birds of Prey: Death of Oracle

Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats


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  • Trade Paperback



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