Batman – Under The Hood Volume 1


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Batman Under The Hood Volume 1

Who Is The Red Hood in Batman Under The Hood ?

While battling new criminal chieftains raiding his city, Batman is confronted with a face from the past. Welcome the return of the Red Hood! With the murderous Black Mask controlling the Gotham City underworld, what will this villainous addition to the Dark Knight‘s Rogues Gallery mean when all is said and done? Shocking Revelations and age-old enemies make Under The Hood a must read!

Written by Judd Winick (Outsiders, Green Arrow, Pedro & Me) Batman Under The Hood collects the best-selling and controversial storyline from Batman #635-641 and showcases the art of Doung Mahnke and Tom Nguyen (JLA, Adventures of Superman), Paul Lee & Cam Smith and Matt Wagner on covers.




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