Batman Chronicles The Gauntlet


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Batman Chronicles The Gauntlet

Batman Chronicles The Gauntlet is a tale from Batman and Robin’s past! Before Dick Grayson can don the Robin costume as Batman’s partner, he must pass a final challenge: elude Batman for an entire night within the confines of Gotham City. But his game of hide-and-seek becomes deadly when Robin stops what appears to be a simple mugging and inadvertently intercepts key information. Now he’s the target of a ruthless mob boss, his deadly gang of thugs, the GCPD and, of course, Batman himself, who races to find his young ward before it’s too late.

Dick Grayson’s “final exam” before becoming Robin was to not let Batman catch him in the city for an entire night. In doing this, Robin also brought down a major bust on one of Gotham’s crime families.

Synopsis supplied by Comic Vine


  • Publisher DC Comics
  • Graphic Novel


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