Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol. 3


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Batman Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 3

Bruce Wayne has been cleared of killing Vesper Fairchild and David Cain has been taken into custody, but the story doesn’t end there! This concluding volume wraps up the best-selling storyline, reprinting DETECTIVE COMICS #773-775, BATMAN #606-607 and BATGIRL #33, with closing remarks by writers Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, all under a new cover by Scott McDaniel.

The Fourth in the Bruce Wayne Series After Bruce Wayne: Murderer?,  Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol 1 and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol 2


  • DC Comics
  • Collects Issues:¬†DETECTIVE COMICS #773-775, BATMAN #606-607 and BATGIRL #33
  • Page info From DC Comics







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