Adventure Time Ice King Pop Vinyl Figure

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Adventure Time Ice King Pop Vinyl Figure

Adventure Time Ice King Pop Vinyl Figure. Ice King, formerly Simon Petrikov, is the former main antagonist and now supporting character of Adventure Time. His typical crime was to kidnap a princess and force her to marry him, which Finn and Jake foil every time. As his name suggests, Ice King is also his title, announcing himself as King of Ice; the ruler of the Ice Kingdom. His magical abilities are contained in, and can be controlled with, his crown, and he is therefore powerless without it. His crown is also the cause of his loss of sanity and transformation into a wizard. Due to his poor mental health, he is often misunderstood, making him a tragic hero in some cases, such as in “Mortal Recoil” and “I Remember You.” Some time before the Mushroom War, he discovered the Enchiridion and bought the crown during his various expeditions around the world. Ice King’s gender-swapped character is the Ice Queen, as seen in “Fionna and Cake.”

Now Funko have done their thing and made the character into this fantastic Adventure Time Ice King Pop Vinyl Figure . You can also check out our other fantastic Adventure Time Pop vinyl figures. This official Funko figure is a collectable piece, measuring 3.3/4 inches and is presented in a widow box packaging.




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