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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor - PS5

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Cal's experience as a veteran Jedi Knight will bring new Force powers, lightsaber forms, capabilities, and tools to be mastered as he tackles novel threats, probes unfamiliar realms, and strives to shield those close to him.

Players can advance their skillset with additional combat postures and lightsaber personalisations to craft novel combat techniques and battle as a Jedi.

The cosmic expanse of the Galaxy houses an abundance of secrets and treasures, but to access them one must brave the unforeseeable dangers that lurk beyond conventional pathways. To assist with this task, players are equipped with a vast range of tools and abilities, including Cal's advanced traversal techniques and rideable creatures, allowing for unprecedented exploration coupled with intense combat.

Players will utilise Cal's increasing Force capabilities to strategically defeat adversaries, successfully surmount impediments, and unravel the enigmas that line Cal's course.

Driven to the fringes of the universe by the Empire, Cal must confront dangers both old and novel as he deliberates how much he's willing to risk to protect those dearest to him.

Format : PS5