Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool Exit

After months of speculation Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that he will be stepping down as Deadpool. Citing the Disney, Fox takeover as the main reason, Reynolds said “It’s with a really f*cking heavy heart that I am Deadpool no more.” Rumours have been circling for a while that Disney were uncomfortable with the more adult themes and content within Deadpool and were looking to reboot the character with a more kid-friendly 12-A/PG-13 rating. Reynolds was understandably not happy with the initial meetings, and was quoted by a close friend as saying “F*ck Disney and f*ck that f*cking mouse right in f*cking the ear.” Having spent years trying to get the Merc With the Mouth onto the big screen Reynolds will now step aside after two very successful and highly profitable movies. Despite obvious voiceover talents as showcased in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie we suspect that Reynolds comments may mean we won’t seeing him voicing any Disney characters anytime soon. All we can do is say thank you Ryan for showing the world that R-rated Superhero movies with fart jokes can make money.

Thoughts now switch to those who may take over the role with some very interesting actors being lined up. Initial betting would seem to suggest that Robert Pattinson (Twilight) could be one potential candidate that Disney are looking at. Staying with the vampire vibe an outside runner in the betting is Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries). Also mentioned is Daniel Radcliffe and even Hugh Jackman, who would be a hilarious if slightly distasteful casting considering the bitter rivalry between Jackman and Reynolds and the Wolverine and Deadpool characters. However the chances are that Disney will now head down an entirely new route with an actor more familiar with younger audiences such as Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games or Erik Per Sullivan from Malcom in the Middle, both of which are highly thought of in the upper echelons of Disney.

Whatever happens we can safely say we are bitterly disappointed to hear that Reynolds won’t be reprising the role of Deadpool but we do hope it frees up his schedule for the Green Lantern sequel we have all secretly been waiting for.