First Look At Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor Who In New Season 11 Trailer

Doctor Who fans finally get a look at Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor marking history as the first female Doctor. Not only are we getting a new doctor, but also THREE new companions which matches the highest number of companions had along with Matt Smith’s doctor (Amy, Rory and River Song). Jodie Whitaker will be joined by Bradley Walsh (The Chase, Coronation  Street) playing Graham O’Brien, actor Tosin Cole (Hollyoaks, Eastenders: E20) will be playing Ryan Sinclair and Mandip Gill has also got involved (Hollyoaks, Casualty) as character Yasmin Khan.

The short 50 second trailer gives us a glimpse of the 13th Doctor looking fairly either bewildered or concerned and contains a monologue spoken by Whitaker, I’m presuming to one of her companions, showing us a sense of what we could expect from the first female Time Lord, and her remodelled yellow shining Sonic Screwdriver.
We’re also introduced to a whole new variety of surroundings and possible planets, but still no sight of any monsters or aliens that The Doctor will be facing, leaving with us with high anticipation. Are we going to see the classic Daleks or Cyberman once again, are we going to have a return of the frightening Weeping Angels, or are there new antagonists in store for us?

We are yet to hear when the new series of Doctor Who will be returning to our screens, even though there is speculation of it being in October or for the Christmas special, nothing has been fully confirmed. It’s time to keep our eyes peeled for any timey wimey wibbly wobbly news.

You can watch the trailer right here!

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