Comic review – Jimmys Bastards – Aftershock Comics

Okay, I’ll confess the first thing that drew me to Jimmys Bastards was the title, I mean the book is called Jimmy’s Bastards for God sake. Who wouldn’t want to read this. Published by Aftershock Comics, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) with artwork from Russ Braun I was sure I was onto a winner.

Sure enough Book 1 in the series didn’t disappoint. The story features our hero Jimmy Regent, a suave and sophisticated super agent with the British secret service. Does he sound familiar? Well he is nothing like a certain other super spy British agent, nothing at all. No, Jimmy Regent is good at his job, foiling evil plans every week and pleasing countless women along the way. Okay, so there a few similarities. However, give me Jimmy over James any day. Jimmy get’s the job done and is funny as hell while doing it.

The two books that Ennis has served up so far have been fantastic and they’re action packed and genuinely funny. But what stands Jimmy’s Bastards aside is that whilst Jimmy is everything you imagine him to be he is also self-aware and pretty damn good at his job too.

The main story focuses on the fact that Jimmy Regent’s promiscuous days have caught up with him. He now has a whole secret society literally made up of Jimmy’s Bastards hell bent on extracting revenge against him.

The artwork is equally brilliant. Bold, bright and action-filled panels are served up on almost every page, making Jimmy’s Bastards one of my favourite Aftershock release to date. And believe me there have been a few good ones so far.

Once again Garth Ennis doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out!

  • Writer: Garth Ennis
  • Artist: Russ Braun
  • Colorist: John Kalisz
  • Letterer: Rob Steen
  • Regular Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

You can buy Jimmy’s Bastards #2 here.