Comic book TV Shows – How Marvel Caught Up With DC

When Arrow first aired in 2012 nobody at the CW network could have dreamt just how popular their comic franchise would become. Having generated 2 spin-off’s in The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, swiping an unwanted Supergirl from CBS. As well as a very popular web series in VIxen, you would think they would be happy. But with Black Lighting being commissioned, there is no sign of them slowing down. Hell, even Amazon’s Lucifer and FOX’s Gotham are both real hits with fans even though, sadly neither are connected to the arrowverse.

Unlike the DC properties MArvel’s TV shows have seemed to struggle. Sure, Agent’s Of Shield beat the haters of season one and has now become a great show, but with dwindling viewers it does make you wonder how long it will last for. And Agent Carter, a popular character from Captain America, but despite a good cast the show was awfully slow that barley limped to a second season before being cancelled.

I know what your saying, what about Marvel’s Netflix shows? Sure Daredevil is brilliant, and Jessica Jones was good, but Luke Cage was met with mixed reviews and Iron Fist even more so. But with The Defenders around the corner as well as the much anticipated Punisher show it does look good for the future.

But the Netflix shows aside, there is now even more hope for Marvel fans. The magnificent Legion won praise from pretty much everyone and with five more shows on the way with Inhumans, The Gifted (another set in the X-men world),  Cloak and Dagger, New Warriors and Runaways all greenlit, it looks to be a fantastic few years for Marvel fans.

So Marvel are very much snapping at the heels of DC after a slow start and with more Marvel shows now than DC perhaps Marvel will soon overtake DC in terms of quality shows on TV. And with The Defenders coming soon which will combine all the Netflix shows into a single crossover event, that will truly be some great TV. As we learnt from DC’s crossover earlier this year, these events can be really special. And with DC planning more crossover specials the futures look great for both companies.

But whether you’re a DC or Marvel Fanboy/girl or just a comic book fanatic the future of comic based TV looks pretty rosy. And with comic book shows and films becoming bigger and better as popularity and budgets increase, it’s a great time for all fans.

Written by Chris Costick