Spider-man Homecoming Review

Hey Spidey fans settle back and enjoy our spoiler free Spider-man Homecoming Review.

So Spider-man Homecoming has finally hit the cinema’s and for the most part it has been well received. Having been extremely skeptical about the first in Sony’s entry into the MCU I’m pleased to say that Homecoming is not just the Spider-man movie we’ve all been waiting for, but it proves that Sony can do a decent Marvel film. Well at least under the watchful eye of those peeps at Marvel Studios.

What sets Spider-man Homecoming apart from other recent Marvel movies is the quality of the villain. Yes, Vulture was never the most exciting of Spider-man’s foes but the reworking of the character coupled to a stellar performance from Michael Keaton offers up Marvel’s best baddie since Loki. It’s easy to wax lyrical about Michael Keaton, I mean what has he ever done that wasn’t great? Even in poor films his performances were always exemplary. In Homecoming he excels as Adrian Toomes, the disgruntled worker who seeks revenge on Tony Stark after being put out of work by Damage Control (Stark’s own cleanup team). Using alien tech Toomes and his team create Vultures flying suit and begin selling supercharged alien-inspired weaponry on the black market.

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit weird to start off a review of a movie by not talking about the main protagonist but Keaton’s performance alone would not to carry this entire film had Tom Holland’s Spider-man not been up to scratch. Thankfully, Holland is equally superb. He brings the perfect blend of Peter Parker and Spider-man to the screen. He excels as the uncomfortable and geeky Peter Parker and does so without the need to put him in NHS style glasses. And as the titular web-slinger his performance easily eclipses both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. He’s young, athletic and his range is impressive. There is one fantastic moment in the movie where his discomfort is palatable. Overall Holland  blends this with a performance of youthful exuberance and wide-eyed wonder.

The script and directing allow the story to develop without the need to retread the tired origin story. It seamlessly blends genuinely funny moments with jaw-dropping set-pieces, creating a near-perfect comic book film. I did have fears that the film would be overshadowed by Robert Downy Jnr’s Iron Man. Luckily these were allayed as relatively unknown director John Watts weaved the character sparingly into Spider-mans life.

Overall, Spider-man homecoming is a feast for all Marvel fans. The blend of action and comedy is perfectly balanced and the cast is superb from top to bottom. There simply isn’t a bad performance among them. It’s a triumphant reboot that goes some way to expelling Sony’s awful use of the Marvel IP’s they own. Hopefully this newfound collaboration will continue to bear such rich fruit. For a relatively rookie director, John Watts handling of such a massive franchise sets him up for a very bright future. In fact I would go as far to say that it puts him up alongside Jame Gunn as the man you’d want to head up a comic book movie. Spider-man Homecoming is a must see for all Marvel and Spidey fans alike. Yet it’s so much more than that, it’s a brilliant action comedy that holds a much wider appeal as a whole!

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Spider-man Homecoming Review.