Boba Fett Movie Back On – Michael Bay to Direct!

Disney today confirmed that The Boba Fett Movie is back in production. The film was thought to be dead after original director Josh Trank parted ways with Disney. However it seems that Transformers supremo Michael Bay has picked up the Mandalorian batten and will now direct the film.

News of the resurrection of the as yet untitled Boba Fett – A Star Wars Story movie will surely be greeted with joy by fans. Director Michael Bay has already shown his credentials to handle the property after his massively successful run on the Transformers series. Bay is set to step down from the Transformers franchise after the 7th movie, presumably so he can concentrate on bringing the same high levels of production into the Star Wars universe.

It seems Bay has always had a thing for Star Wars and in an interview with GQ in 2012 he was quoted as saying “I’m not done with Transformers yet but I would love to work on Star Wars one day, whether I’ll ever get the chance I don’t know.” Now it seems he has finally got his wish.

No actors have been confirmed for the role but already rumours are flying about as to who can adequately wear the famous green armour. Nicholas Hoult (X-men, Mad Max Fury Road), Miles Teller (Fantastic Four, Whiplash) and Tom Holland (Spider-man Homecoming, The Impossible) are all thought to be in the directors thinking. However, if rumours are to be believed then Bay would prefer Mark Wahlberg. Having already worked with Wahlberg on the Transformers movies it is said the two have a close relationship and Bay might move to bring the star with him when he switches franchises.

As always we will keep our ear to the ground and as soon as some more exciting news about the Boba Fett MovieĀ is released, you’ll be the first to hear.

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